Jupiter Artland

This contemporary sculpture garden is a feast for the senses and a wonder to explore, especially for families.

Exploring Jupiter Artland (© Jupiter Artland 2014-2019)
© Jupiter Artland 2014-2019

Situated a few miles outside Edinburgh, Jupiter Artland is a fascinating place to visit. It is open from mid May to end September and includes exhibitions, a cafe and shop.

The environment that has been created, nurtures the art and draws the underlying power of the land into a series of spaces.

In addition to all the great Artworks that are on display at Jupiter Artland there is also a fantastic range of Talks, Tours and Events, workshops and courses for Children and Families and a programme of Gallery Exhibitions.

Jupiter Artland 2 - Cream Sacrifice by Caroline Mesquita (© Jupiter Artland 2014-2019)
Cream Sacrifice by Caroline Mesquita
© Jupiter Artland 2014-2019

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